June 2011

The epic of Mahabharata has a lot of invaluable lessons to learn from and enhance our lives if we choose to. This small incident on the battleground is worth taking into account and to think about, especially how timeless law of success it reveals:

On the 13th night during the battle of Mahabharata, Arjuna vows to kill Jayadratha before the sunset on the next day as a revenge for the despicable acts of killing his son Abhimanyu. Arjuna vowed also to commit self-immolation if failed to fulfill his vow to Jayadratha

Both the camps (Kauravas and Pandavas) became restless for rest of the night with this new turning point on the battleground Arjuna had created with his vow. Nobody could sleep wondering what’s going to happen tomorrow…

The man in danger, Jayadratha was panic-stricken. Restless, worried about his fate, not able to decide the next course of action went to Guru Dronacharya for guidance. Among other things, he asked one question that is very remarkable and relevant even today.

He asked, “Arjuna and I, both are your students. You gave the same education to all of us. We all grew up together, learnt the same things and graduated together. But, then why is Arjun the No #1 archer in the world?” Jayadratha continued in worry, “ Why am I so vulnerable in front of him that my death tomorrow is certain if he finds me in the battleground tomorrow?”

And… the answer by the teacher revealed the secret of success! Guru Dronacharya said addressing the king of Sindhu, “It is true that Arjun and you, both got the same education. In fact, I gave the same education to all others along with you both and I did not do any partiality in my teachings. It is also true that you all graduated together and you all had similar level of knowledge when you left the Ashram. But… the difference began after you all graduated!”

Guru Dronacharya continued, “While you became satisfied with the knowledge you received in the Ashram and became complacent with what you had, Arjuna made that same knowledge, a foundation for the greatness he had to achieve. His pursuit of knowledge continued and he kept accumulating new knowledge, new skills wherever he could, whenever he could! He grabbed every opportunity to learn one more new thing. That is the reason; he is who he is today! That’s exactly why, not only you, even I am worried about your life tomorrow…”

How eternal and applicable is that simple truth even today. The Knowledge has always been the power and in today’s highly competitive era, it’s importance is even more evident!

Most people assume their education was completed when they graduated, become complacent with the knowledge received and expect the world to rollover and give them everything they need to be happy! They don’t read a book in their entire life after graduating from school/college and lead a mediocre life.

On the other hand, successful people understand the reality. Their quest for knowledge never stops because they know; knowledge is the reason why they are successful. What separates successful people from others is their quest to continually learn.

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Everyone is worthy of respect as an individual. Every person is a human being created in the image of God with a purpose and place in life. If we operate by this standard, we dignify other human beings by treating them as we ourselves wish to be treated. Isn’t that the Golden Rule all about?

 If we do not operate by this standard, we demean and dismiss others according to our own prejudices.

 What goes around comes around. In other words, if we want to be respected, we must respect others. If we don’t give respect, we won’t get it either. Respect is not something that is to be demanded, it must be earned.

I read these following lines that touched my soul and made me realize how we take few people in our lives for granted… These few lines changed the way I think of the people I have been blessed with and the way I treat them.

I decided to share with my all friends, these few lines and hope it would touch your heart as well:

  Think of all the people with whom you come into regular contact – family, friends, customers, clients, colleagues. They all touch your life in some unique or special way. How many of these people know that you respect them for what they do and who they are? You may admire them, but have you said so? Tell them. Show them. Give them the respect they deserve. Make your respect for them tangible. It’s what makes the world go around.

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