Many times we hear (or it occurs in our own mind), “I don’t get any respect” or “Nobody seems to respect what I do (for them)”… etc… Some people relate respect to how much money they make as opposed to somebody else or how much recognition or media attention they get…

  I read this story where the author, so beautifully showed how the respect really begins from within and not from outside. Here is the story…

  Too often we judge people by their vocations, overlooking their competence and their unique and essential gifts. The “ordinary” folks are the backbone of every nation. They are the men and women who get the job done. They are the unsung, salt-of-the-earth heroes of society. I met such a man one summer when my family and I were staying at a vacation cottage.

This fellow was the garbage collector in that area and he was the best at his job I’d ever seen. The man showed up once a week precisely at 6:30 in the morning, moved among the cottages, didn’t make any noise, lifted every trash can with an effortless grace he could, emptied the garbage into the truck and returned the can to the side of the road. He worked quietly and discreetly, a meticulous man who made a physically demanding job look easy.

  One morning I went out to greet him when he arrived and said, “You are doing a great job”

  “Are you just getting home or just leaving?” he asked. I guess he couldn’t imagine that anyone would get out of bed to just pay him a compliment.

  “Neither,” I said. “I came out to tell you that I really appreciate the good job you’re doing.”

  As I said that, he gave me a big smile. Then he told me that in his twelve years of hauling garbage, no one had ever said a kind word to him including his boss.

 Come to think of it…

That garbage collector had done a fine job for twelve years, with dignity, without ever hearing a word of encouragement or thanks.

That man had self-respect!

Respect begins with how we feel about ourselves, not what others think or say about us. Respect begins with knowing who you are, loving yourself and accepting yourself. When we do this, we can be respectful to others and show them respect…

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