We all have read little stories in childhood teaching some or the other morel lessons. Those lessons from little stories give us a way to lead a good, satisfying and successful life. However, the tragedy is that, while we still continue teaching those lessons to our younger generations, our children, we ourselves never try to understand and implement those in our lives.

One such story I read today and thought of putting it here. The story is about a father and his son who purchased a donkey from the nearby town and now, they were returning home.

On the way, they heard somebody saying,”Look at these fools, they have a donkey with them but both are walking with donkey”. So, they both started riding the donkey.

Later, on the way, someone said, “Look at these cruel men! Both are killing the donkey with their weight”. So, father decided to step down and let the son ride the donkey alone.

Soon they found a woman who commented, “How shameless is this son! Father is walking and this fellow is happily enjoying the ride on the donkey!” So, they now exchanged their positions again and thought this is the best deal now.

Well, the trouble wasn’t over and soon they found someone else again suggesting,”Oh! Look at this selfish father! He is having fun here and letting the poor child walk like this poor donkey”.

Now, they both came up with an idea that they thought will solve all problems. They tied the donkey to a bamboo and started carrying the donkey on their shoulders. By this time, they almost had reached their village. When villagers saw them, they all started laughing at them!

They both confused and depressed reached the old man who was considered wisest in their village, stated the whole story and asked why they were criticized all the way and what was that their fault. And the old man said, “God has given you a powerful brain to use it wisely. You didn’t use it and just tried to please everybody on the way. That is why everybody is laughing at you today!”

The morel of the story was “You can’t make everybody happy. You got to use your own mind and decide what’s good for you in a given situation”

I think this story is more relevant to adults than for children. But we take these stories, read it for our kids and never really think if we really believe in these morels….

Probably these stories were designed for adults and it was expected that while teaching children, we adults will learn from these and implemented some changes in our life to make it better….

What a pity! Hardly any of us take these lessons and learn from them. I think these little stories are more for adults than children.

I think it’s time to look back in those stories, revisit those lessons and make some adjustments in our lives…

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