I made a test case and started the experiment on free advise that people love to give.

I prepared a little project plan for going into business for myself. I made sure I choose a business that was small, simple and had not much to do with marketing and moving products. I prepared a document with systematic details of what it would cost, how long will I take before I start making profits, what kind of employees I would need, what would be monthly expected expenses and what revenues can I expect for couple of initial years.

Now, I took 15-20 of my close friends, colleagues and some relatives. One by one at different times I met them casually, showed them my plan seriously and told them I was very excited about this and planning to start this business. I made notes of what everyone said after seeing my plan.

At the end of the process, when I compared the responses, I was amused to find that almost all responses pointed towards only one direction! They all directly or indirectly wanted to let me know that my plan was good on paper, but it would not work! All of them cautioned that it was very difficult to succeed these days and explained me why!

I have seen similar cases with many other business owners and they had similar experience too. There are several business coaches and successful businessmen and women who had similar experiences.

With the evolution of internet, it has become easier for people to take opinions from everybody around and make their own opinion! Some people just sit, get the free opinions and do nothing about their dreams and goals because somebody who has no interest in their future gave a free opinion not to do what they are planning to do. These people find the free advises very useful as an excuse for not doing what they were supposed to do! And surprisingly, they start advising in their circle of influence free of cost too as experts!

Now, does it mean we shouldn’t take any advice from anybody and blindly do whatever we plan to do? Shouldn’t we seek expert advice?

Absolutely Yes! We should definitely take advice, but from the people who qualify for it!

So, how do we qualify?

Well! Here are two key questions we should ask to ourselves before taking advice about anything important about our life from somebody:

  1. Has this person already accomplished or on the way to accomplish what I want to accomplish in my life?
  2. Is this person capable of and willing to help me get where I want to get in my life?

If answer for any of the above questions is “No”, then RUN AWAY from this advisor… and…find the next person who can qualify.

There are so many dream stealers around who are there to tell you why you will fail in what you want to do, no matter what your plan is! They are all over and don’t mind giving free advise at the cost of your dreams and goals!

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