Let’s think about a large and nice farming field. Farmer decides not to grow any crop this season. He does all the work on the ground. He cleans up the field, plows up the ground, but doesn’t put any seed onto it. He decides not to put any seed this season.

Guess what grows after few weeks on this nice land?

No brain storming required here, it will definitely grow WEEDS!

It does take a lot of effort in growing any crop on the farm. But weeds are automatic, they grow anyway. They grow with or without crops. Sometimes, a lot of efforts are required in the middle of the season in removing weeds from the crops.

Human mind is also like the farm land. We all know our brain is very powerful thing. It can process millions of things at once. It can register positive and negative both thoughts at very high rate. But more often, we don’t invest time and energy in putting positive thoughts. Result?

Negative being automatic like weeds, grows in our minds without we even realizing!

Our minds pick up negativity from the environment automatically on a daily basis. This is the exact reason why there is so much negativity in society; this is why most people fear doing anything new, exploring new opportunities, and exploring new possibilities.

Positive is not automatic. It needs conscious effort to put positive thoughts in the mind. Just like maintaining good health requires exercise, maintaining a good mental health requires conscious effort to keep mind on positive track. Our mind is the greatest asset we have… and we must give it the best food to keep it healthy just like we try to eat the best food for a healthy body. It requires work, but it’s worth the effort!

How does somebody do that?

Well, there have been so many great thinkers and philosophers speaking and writing on these very basic principles. Couple of books that I like to recommend to start with would be “Magic of thinking Big” by David Schwartz and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. These books helped me start the thinking in the direction of developing the mindset hungry for success and opportunities. These can be a good starting point for many who would like to give their life a direction.

Are books the only way to put mind on positive track?

Not really! There are other ways too. Disassociating from negative environment, refraining from getting into gossip, associating in a positive association regularly could of great help. In fact association combined with positive thinking books can work like magic to develop a healthy and powerful mind that can create magic in our lives!