“Oh… It takes money to make money!” I have heard this over and over from many!  Broke people always have a way to justify why they are broke and they do a good job of it here too and justify why they are broke.

The unfortunate story is, most people in today’s world are either money broke or time broke and sometime broke at both aspects! Since this post is only related to money broke attitude, I will take my focus off from the people who are so called “Busy”. We will catch up on this topic may be next time…

The first principle to be understood here is, nobody was born with money.  So, where did the rich people get the money in the first place to create more money for them? Has anyone heard anywhere something that said, “Healthy child born, 7 pound 5 ounce and handful of Hundreds!” ?? Has anyone witnessed it? It never happened so far at least !!

But, many “Professionals” do believe in this major misconception and they work in their offices for days and nights, save money in many ways and then use that saved money to invest in anticipation to make money and become rich. Some invest in stock markets and end up loosing the saving itself and some others invest in real estate and hope to get rich one day.. well… some make some money out of it too!

But those who made it, made because they got the thought process that is required for making money.  Not because they had money !

Sure, making money is not very easy, but it really doesn’t take money to make it.  Rather, it does take an idea, it does take a desire to succeed and on top of all, it does takes consistent and persistent attitude to work on it step by step. As the Chinese saying “The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”, one must take baby steps to explore the possibilities with a dream to achieve something in life.

It requires vision to succeed in anything or achieve anything in life, let alone the money.

Charles “Tremendous” Jones said in his famous quote, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read”

So, I truly believe, if we want to have success, we must disassociate with negative and discouraging environment and put our time and energy in a positive environment. Associating in a positive environment with positive people does take effort, but it’s worth the effort !