“Why do we do what we do?”

I asked this to myself many times when I saw myself and many other professionals around having this unhappy feeling around life and our respective jobs, our supervisors, our managers and our companies.

Coming from IT background, I had many friends from the same field. I asked this question to some of my colleagues and contemporaries and got different answers at different times. However, one type of answer that caught my attention and made me explore more was “Because, I love what I do”, or “I love my job” or “I love software development or the technology”, etc. Yet all of them felt unsecured, all of them had this uncertainty about their careers, all these people were worried about their technology and their companies…

I spent time, read several books to explore why we do what we do. One thing I realized was my job was a temporary solution to all the permanent financial problems of life which in turn injected other emotional and relationship problems as it’s side effects. and many of us settle for that hoping that life will be just fine hopefully! I decided not to settle for a job alone and started exploring more about better ways of leading life and why we do what we do.

While I continue to explore the life, I thought of putting this questions to all of the readers of my Blog as my first post:

  1. What if your company decides to cut 10% of their work force and you are one among those who are being let go ? Would you still go to the management and say, “ I just love my job. If you don’t have a problem, I will keep coming and keep working for free. It’s okay if you don’t pay me” Would your love for your company and your job remain unaffected?
  1. What happens when your technology becomes outdated like it does for many people every now and then? Would you still say, “Oh I love this technology, I will stick to it. Doesn’t matter whether or not somebody pays me for it” Would you say that? Would you, really?

In my exploration and association with successful people who have made things happen for them and their families, I found that we give these excuses to satisfy our ego and remain in our comfort zone and blame others for our own miseries when opportunity comes.

Many of us probably do what we do because we don’t think we have a choice. Many of us do think that we are constrained by certain outside forces to do what we do. But the matter of the fact is, we are constrained by our own attitude. Our fear of failure stops us from exploring for more…